Transformation & Leadership for Tomorrow
  • The CEOs, COOs, CSOs, CPOs & Global SVP from Asia Pacific will discuss the strategies for transformation of Supply chain, Logistics & Procurement for tomorrow.
  • You will listen to inspiring keynotes on how they are planning to leverage IOT, Analytics, Big Data, AI and Blockchain in Supply chain, Logistics & Procurement for formulating strategies to beat the competition at next level.
  • An insightful Panel Discussion will make you understand how you use disruptive technology to your advantage.
  • This track will help you differentiate between what is important & what is nice to have?
Supply chain 4.0 for You
  • Chief Supply Chain officers will inspire you on how to foresee and adapt to the digital disruptions, deal with challenges of End to End Supply chain planning, visibility, connectivity, and collaboration.
  • Supply chain digitization enables the organizations to address the ever-changing requirements of customers, the supply side challenges, and continuously increasing expectations in efficiency improvement. You will get insights how to enhance speed, granularity, efficiency, and accuracy of your Supply chain.
  • Industry Thought leaders in this track will talk about innovation in S&OP and inventory process and best Supply chain practices across industries and organizations to build efficient, resilient, agile, responsive and customer-centric supply chain processes.
Procurement-Your Road to 2020
  • The Procurement Leaders will discuss how to improve your Business Functions and help you make an action plan that you can implement immediately at your company.
  • CPOs & SVPs will provide insights on the consideration of outsourcing a category or making part of the procurement function to deliver promised savings.
  • You will be able to understand how to conquer the contract management and excel stakeholder management.
  • This track will help you to establish the right Technology Partnerships to flourish in the Existing Business Landscape. The insightful keynotes and panel discussions will guide you how to manage procurement in crisis and failure of internal employees & external suppliers.
Warehousing in the Era of Dynamic & Omni-channel Demand
  • Engage yourself to handle growing number of market pressures – Omni-channel Deliveries, faster order fulfillment, error costs, lack of space, rising labor costs, customer expectations.
  • You will find answers on how to transform your warehouse with advanced customer service, innovative digital technologies, latest material handling equipment, cost control and workforce management strategies into dynamic, cost-cutting, productivity-enhancing machine.


Procurement In the Digital Age
  • There will be hot discussions between the most innovative Chief procurement officers of the Asia Pacific on how to embrace digital disruption and procurement automation.
  • You will also understand about negotiation and collaboration with complex global supplier network, proactive contract management strategies, increasing the value of procurement, cost savings, build and develop skills to lead futuristic procurement.
  • This track will enable you to know how to manage procurement in crisis and failure of internal employees & external suppliers.
Logistics in the Customer-Centric World
  • The CEOs & Global SVPs of 3PL, Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Manufacturing, Retailing & E-Commerce Companies will engage you how to prepare for the new era of Omni-Channel, use technology to anticipate the crisis, navigate challenges of minute-by-minute tracking in all parts of the world, increase OTIFs & Fill rates despite varying demand,enhance cost efficiency while guaranteeing timely delivery and to have backup plans.
  • You will know how to use innovative concepts like 4PL & Control towers to maximise performance collaboratively of large number of Suppliers in terms of Key Performace Measures & Costs.
  • It will involve keynotes and discussions on inspiring innovations & how to master last mile delivery & reverse logistics, new business models.
  • You will understand how to design a logistics network for eCommerce in a high growth & challenging environment. This track will help you understand how to be continuously customer centric despite razor-thin margins, how to effectively collaborate with Suppliers and Clients.
Your Supply chain at Next Level

  • Supply chain professionals will be able to find solutions to future-proof their success.
  • Senior Supply chain Industry Leaders will give the insights on how to Forecast Demand in Dynamic & Uncertain Environment.
  • You will understand how IOT, Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning are impacting Supply chains & explore the technology solutions from worlds leading providers.
  • As a leader or service provider, you know that a single failure event can damage your reputation forever and quickly dry up revenue. In this session, you will learn about leveraging IOT Applications for Big Data, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Bots to boost your business growth and profitability.
Supply Chain Finance & Risk Management
  • APAC CSOs, Technology vendors, Treasurers, and Academicians will gather to course the path of the future of Supply Chain Finance as the world’s major supply chains now increasingly based in Asia.
  • You will be exposed to the latest and effective Supply Chain Finance techniques across industry groups, markets, and stakeholder groups.
  • The top leaders will discuss best framework and strategies for managing supply chain risks and the ways to reduce third-party risk. Attendees will be able to assess how secure is their Supply chain data and what solution can enhance data Security.
  • You will also identify how to optimize supply chain visibility, supply chain operations while minimizing vulnerability and enhancing resilience.
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