Inflection Supply Chain Challenge - A Simulation that mirrors Real-World business situations.

The Ultimate Supply Chain Competition

Compete with the brightest minds in the Industry and business schools in respective categories. Get recognition and awards by the top Industry Leaders of Supply Chain of regional and global companies. Showcase your talent and accelerate you career. This competition is based on The Fresh Connection simulation: a Real-World mirrored Supply Chain simulation

The Fresh Connection is a real world cross functional business simulation challenge wherein Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement individuals come together as a team on 19th April 2018, Mumbai to learn and demonstrate their skills & knowledge.

Over 100 countries and regions, 500 enterprises and hundreds of institutions (including MIT) have participated in this challenge.









What will you gain?

Professional Training

  • A simulation based learning experience, which is 10 times more powerful than a theoretical training.
  • A professional training by Industry Experts will be given to the participants on Supply Chain & Procurement leveraging ‘The Fresh Connection’ simulation tools.

Assess your skill gaps

  • The individuals put their best talents in the real test and find their gaps.
  • This challenge will help you be the judge of your Supply Chain & Procurement proficiencies and assess your disparities with the other professionals.

International Networking

  • Acquaint with global and domestic Supply Chain & Procurement elites, grow your connections, develop your workforce and exchange ideas with them.

Practical Exposure

  • Move from theoretical training to expand your approach towards practical exposure and experience real world Supply Chain Management & Procurement operations on one of the best Simulation tools.


  • Build your teams with your customers, suppliers and peers to make them aware of supply chain collaboration and fortify your relationship with them.

Industry Recognition

  • Get recognition amongst Industry leaders, suppliers, customer, peers, & human resources.

Certification: Proof of Excellence

  • Successful candidates will receive Proof of Excellence and Experience with the certificate of entitlement exhibiting their achievements and talents.

Who can attend?

What’s in it for you?

  • Develop a deep understanding of impact of value chains in business performance.
  • Gain granular insights on S&OP process management, Supplier management, Supply chain network optimization, Demand Planning, Production and Inventory management and Supply chain risk management.
  • Understand relationship between decision-making and financials.
  • Experience the power of true alignment between different plans.
  • Increase cross-functional knowledge and awareness.
  • Manage Trade - offs in Supply Chain to define appropriate levels of inventory in the Supply Chain.
  • Gain knowledge of how to put Strategy into Action through robust Sales & Operations Planning.
  • Learn how to prevent or mitigate risk.
  • Enhance your system based thinking.
  • Analyze the interplay between various parts of supply chain and with the system as a whole.

What’s in it for you?

  • The Challenge aims to bridge the gap between the academic world and the corporate sector and addresses the need for knowledge and competency development in the area of Supply Chain management.
  • Get noticed by top corporate in search for top talent and get recruited for your dream job or internship!
  • To bridge theory and practical application in a real life environment whilst creating an optimal fit with your learning objectives.
  • By participating in the Challenge, students are assessed based on their performance, skills capabilities and teamwork.
  • Kick start your career: This Challenge is designed for future business leaders!
  • Add credibility to your resume and enhance your skills in Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement and increase prospects of your employability.

Participants Experience

- Professionals

- Students

The Challenge

  1. The challenge is to run your own fictitious company ‘The Fresh Connection’ and save it from financial ruins by making best strategic and tactical choices.
  2. The Fresh Connection is a manufacturer of fruit juices and is delivering to retail channels. Due to its financial crisis, a new management team has been appointed to make it profitable again.
  3. Each team consists of four people, each serving as a decision maker in the operations, purchasing, sales and supply chain departments of an orange juice production company. A fifth member may also join the team as ‘coach’.
  4. The Supply Chain operation of the enterprise needs to improve with the coordination among the roles. The team has to complete several rounds with critical and vital choices.
  5. At the end of each round, the intelligent software behind "The Fresh Connection" will score you and the team with highest ROI on orange juice wins.


  1. The top three winning teams will be rewarded in front of Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement leaders at the Inflection 2018, Mumbai Awards.
  2. The National winners will get the chance to compete in the Global Challenge. (*Conditions Apply)

Why TFC?

  1. Fortune Global 500: 40 of top 100 Manufacturing Businesses are using TFC.
  2. Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25: Over 50% are using TFC
  3. Global Top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Providers: 40% are using TFC.
  4. World leading firms such as Apple, Unilever, IBM , IKEA , KPMG, DuPont, Accenture, Philips, DHL, LG, Toyota, Shell, Kodak and Universities such as MIT, IIT, BHU, NMIMS, University of Maryland, PennState, Eastern Michigan University, University of Barcelona have used TFC.
  5. Companies who have experienced The Fresh Connection find it is not only highly effective but has a lasting impact on participants, delivering long-term benefits and making it the World’s Best Value Chain Management Learning Experience.